At San Antonio Roofing we go above and beyond the standard roofing contractors. Every roofing project requires different tools, materials and techniques, and we understand exactly what your building needs. We’ve completed  projects using only the highest-quality materials and innovative techniques because we know that building or repairing a sturdy roof involves much more than nailing shingles in place. San Antonio Roofing uses a unique step-by-step process that includes a thorough inspection and an attention to detail that no other San Antonio roofing company can provide. Our roofing process is as follows:

Creation of the Support Deck

The first step in the roofing process is the creation of a sturdy and solid support deck. Many San Antonio homes were built without proper support.  Insurance can pay for a new deck.  Call now to see if you qualify 210-355-4225.  Without the right support deck, the roofing structure can fall apart during and after construction, and the work surface can be too difficult to work with. The professionals at San Antonio Roofing have years of experience building structurally-sound support decks to support the roof covering. After that, we can conduct a thorough inspection of the substrate surface to ensure that there are no signs of deterioration, rotting or loose nails anywhere around the roof. If we find any problems, we can then create a repair plan immediately.

Application of Felt Underlayment

The felt underlayment is important for creating the flat, even-surface roof. If we are working on an existing roof, we will make sure that the felt underlayment is intact.We will also upgrade to synthetic underlayment if you choose at no extra charge.  If it is not, we can go ahead and repair or replace this critical layer to ensure the shingles have a solid base to rest upon.

Metal Work

The third part of the roofing process involves extensive metal work. The team at San Antonio Roofing has perfected the technique of installing metal drip edge around the perimeter of the roof and ensuring that each corner is properly mitered. Drip edge helps water stay away to reduce the chance of wood rot and pests.  Metal valley are upgraded to a wide synthetic permanent rubber at no extra charge. This is very important for creating a sturdy and even roof, and we use the best methods in the industry to ensure that everything is lined properly. This reduces the risk o f leaks, cracks and dents caused by environmental effects and any pressure on the roof.

Application of Shingles

San Antonio Roofing is known for its attention to detail and high-quality workmanship. Much of this is attributed to how we apply the shingles on the roof. We use several techniques to ensure that just the right number of shingles is used to create the roof, and that the nails are in the ideal position. This can only be accomplished by professionals in the industry, and we pride ourselves on using a winning formula to create the strongest, most attractive roof. Ask about our hurricane resistant applications specially designed for coastal regions 210-355-4225.

Cleanup and Inspection

The final part of the roofing process involves the last inspection and cleanup. The team at San Antonio Roofing takes the time to make sure that the roof meets or high standards, and we will clean up the construction site after the work is complete. We use yard magnets to make sure all nails are removed from the yard. The final inspection ensures that we have not missed any critical details, and that we can stand behind our final product and our commitment to you.