We completed our rehab in the fall of 1999.Gary and his crews performed 90 percent of a complete rehab. the property has 200 units total.

Connie G
Hotel Owner

LAs a property supervisor, i was in charge of all major construction projects. I have 12 properties and Mr. Schuhmann was awarded contracts on 6 of them. We considered price, performance and quality. Mr Schuhmann met or exceeded our expectations.We Had very few issues with the magnitude of these properties and any problems were dealt with quickly and easily. HE turned over thousand of apartments with excellent work and i highly recommend his company.

Lynda S.
Hotel Investor

When Gary came to my home, i felt comfortable immediately. He was very confident and knowledgeable about roofs and the insurance process. I had been told by other roofers I would have to pay an extra 12,000 dollars to remove wood shingles and install all new decking. Gary informed us that he could bill the insurance and it would not cost us anything. Originally the insurance did not include the decking an I was skeptical. within 2 weeks the claim was approved and we had a new roof. The roof was 27,000 and we only had to pay the deductable. what a relief. We were so happy i put one of his signs on our truck for advertisement.

Aubry “Mack” Mckibben
Condo Owner

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